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BACH Flower Remedies – Therapy treatments in Wiltshire and Somerset

BACH Flower Remedies - flowers and tincture bottleI am a fully qualified practitioner, trained in the use of Bach Flower Remedies following the completion my level 3 studies at the Dr Edward Bach Centre in Oxfordshire.

The remedies were discovered by Dr Bach in the 1930’s. At the time he was an eminent physician, bacteriologist and pathologist. It was during his study of these disciplines that he discovered that there was a clear connection between negative mental attitudes and disease. Eventually he realised that the key to maintaining good health was to achieve emotional harmony and he set about finding ways to help his patients achieve this.

He was so dedicated to the cause that he gave up his very lucrative career in Harley Street to focus fully on the study of the healing power of plants. After studying people for some time he observed that certain traits or emotional imbalances could be targeted by specific plants in order to achieve some equilibrium. He was intuitively guided to discover which plants were suitable for each state and then carried out several case studies to prove his theory. Over time he gradually expanded his collection of remedies until eventually there were 38 remedies in total.

He devised a system to release the healing properties of these plants from their material state and transfer them to a vehicle which could be given to patients. This comes in the form a mother tincture which is then diluted with spring water and a teaspoonful of brandy or cider vinegar to take over time at regular intervals. Usually a combination of up to 7 remedies is given in a 30ml dropper bottle. It is important not to take more than 7 remedies at once and to continue taking the remedies at regular intervals (4 drops under the tongue at least 4 times a day) in order for a tangible change to occur.

During a BACH Flower Remedies consultation I will listen carefully to the issues going on for the person at the time and assess which remedies I feel are most relevant. For example if someone is going through a period of change such as moving home, starting a new job or having a baby, Walnut would help them to adjust.

I have found that following a course of BACH Flower Remedies there has often been dramatic change in that person’s outlook on life and general ability to cope. The remedies are particularly useful in times of crisis to help people through their day to day challenges and generally feel more balanced. There is the added advantage that they are derived from completely natural sources and free of side effects.

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BACH Flower Remedies – Testimonials

“Melissa identified my symptoms last summer which was that I was suffering from anxiety, lacking confidence and stress for various reasons.

She talked to me about the range of Bach Flower remedies which could help.She prescribed me a tincture to take everyday and after a few weeks I was feeling better and naturally with no drugs!

If you have any ailments I recommend you seek guidance from Melissa who can look at how to treat you more holistically and naturally!”

Debbie Minter, Somerset.

“I had been put on Lithium bicarbonate in 1984 as a result of an occupational stress breakdown. After weaning myself off it after 10 years, and being symptom free for a further 14 years, I had a ‘relapse’ whilst intensely caring for my ageing parents with Alzheimers and dementia, a year before my father’s eventual death. I was immediately prescribed a high initial dose of Lithium bicarbonate as a knee jerk reaction by my GP.

After 17 months, I decided to seek an Alternative option, when I met Melissa on a health course. Melissa assessed me, and prescribed a tailor made Bach Flowers Remedy specifically to address the emotions and feelings that I was going through at this time; and I slowly but surely began to feel more confident, relaxed and ‘at myself’. So I have now eventually been able to ease myself off the lithium, and have been able to fine tune my Bach Flower Remedy with Melissa to live a much more vibrant Life style than I ever had before…”

TA, N. Ireland, 17 March 2018

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