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Bach Flower Remedies

From £70.00

During a BACH Flower Remedies consultation I will listen carefully to the issues going on for the person at the time and assess which remedies I feel are most relevant. For example if someone is going through a period of change such as moving home, starting a new job or having a baby, Walnut would help them to adjust.

I have found that following a course of BACH Flower Remedies there has often been dramatic change in that person’s outlook on life and general ability to cope. The remedies are particularly useful in times of crisis to help people through their day to day challenges and generally feel more balanced. There is the added advantage that they are derived from completely natural sources and free of side effects.

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A bespoke remedy is made up according to your needs, which is included in the price of a session – extra remedies are charged at £10 each.

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