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What happens in a Journey Massage?

Journey MassageA Journey Massage is a very powerful and deeply transformative experience. It is essentially a Designer Process with the addition of massage.

During the process the client lays on a massage couch whilst they are talked through the process and simultaneously massaged with oil. The main emphasis is on the talking therapy .

As the process progresses, the body will often indicate where it needs to be massaged with a feeling of pain or discomfort in a specific area.

As the area is massaged the sensation often then moves to another area in the body and so on until all the blockages are released.

I feel that my experience as a hands-on healer helps to facilitate this process and a certain amount of healing comes through during the massage.

Journey massage is particularly effective in mind types as they often disassociate from their bodies. As the process is about releasing emotions it is important for these types to get back in touch with their bodies in order to fully feel the emotions.

There is something about the inclusion of massage in the process which seems to help to remove the physical trauma from the body. The whole experience is incredibly releasing and clients usually notice a vast improvement in how they feel afterwards.

“I had a hugely insightful – and I’d say long-term effective – Journey Massage from Melissa. Her ability to get straight through to the precise issue holding things back is uncanny, and quite unusual.”

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