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The Journey – Brandon Bays

Brandon BaysThe Brandon Bays Journey Process was pioneered by Brandon as a direct result of her own experience. One day she noticed that she had a large swelling in her stomach. When she had it checked out by the medical profession she was told that she had a tumour the size of a football in her uterus which required immediate surgery as it was crushing her other organs.

Brandon asked to be given time to resolve the problem naturally, so the doctor reluctantly agreed. Over the ensuing weeks she tried many different holistic approaches. Nothing was working until eventually she had a massage and the therapist asked Brandon what emotion was stored inside the tumour.

At this point she suddenly accessed a potent childhood trauma involving her father. During the flashback she gained some insight into her father’s suffering at the time and she heard the words in her head “You need to forgive.” As a result of these insights she felt genuine forgiveness, and once she had expressed this, a release was triggered.

Over the following 6 ½ weeks she noticed that the swelling in her stomach began to soften and eventually diminish altogether. When she returned to the hospital at the end of the 6 ½ weeks she was told that the tumour had completely disappeared. As a result of this experience she decided to experiment and take others through a similar process in order to help resolve their physical or emotional issues. She soon found that she was achieving profound results with a wide range of problems.

Over time she refined the process and added more techniques until she arrived at the process used today.

Her full story is described in her first book The Journey (1999).

Book - Brandon Bays - The Journey

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