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Designer Journey Process

This is the standard approach which I use in most of my processes and it is so called because it incorporates a wide variety of techniques and is designed to suit your individual needs. An appointment for a Designer Journey Process usually takes approximately two hours.

After an initial discussion about the issue, I will guide you into a deep state. During this state you will be taken on an imaginary Journey around the body in order to establish where in the body you have stored a significant emotion.

This emotion is then used as a catalyst to access any significant memory or memories which need to be explored more deeply. Very often an unconscious memory which has been repressed by the conscious mind will emerge. You will then be guided through an emotional drop through in which you feel several layers of emotion until eventually dropping into source. This is usually experienced as a feeling of deep peace and boundlessness.

Designer Journey Process

The previous negative emotions are revisited from this state of source in order to transform them into more positive emotions. What follows then involves exploring the significant memory and expressing all the unexpressed emotions experienced at the time. There are several techniques used at this stage in order for you to gain insights into the memory and release the trauma from your cells. At the end of the process most people are genuinely able to forgive and move on with their lives.

Following the process there is usually a huge shift in your emotional state and very often physical issues simply resolve also.

“Melissa held a safe and understanding space, guiding me through the process with absolute clarity and wisdom. I can say it actually changed my life!”

This is often the point at which healing and forgiveness occurs as it is then that the insight and understanding is gained into what was going on for the others in the memory. At this stage a variety of techniques are employed in order to facilitate this understanding until either partial or total genuine forgiveness can be felt and expressed.

Finally you will be guided back to look at the area in the body you first came to and it usually looks very different as result of the process. You are then guided to connect with the consciousness of yourself in the future to see how different you are feeling and behaving particularly in connection with the issue before being guided up to the top of the stairs that you originally came down into full waking consciousness.

“My process with Melissa has been “weight lifting” off my soul and being, and I thank her for her gentle guidance, full of compassion and understanding while undertaking with me my journey.”

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