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Nambudripad’s Allergy Relief Techniques (NAET)

Naet - food that cause allergiesI have been practising NAET since becoming a certified practitioner in 2008. NAET is an energy balancing technique. pioneered by Dr. Nambudripad M.D., D.C., L.Ac., ph.D. (Acu.) from her own personal experience of overcoming allergies. At one stage she was only able to tolerate three foods in her diet until one day she discovered, entirely by accident, a technique by which to overcome her intolerance.

She was peeling a carrot when she suddenly collapsed. Her husband who was a trained therapist, managed to revive her with the use of certain techniques involving pressure points and meridians (energy channels) in the body. Throughout the process, Dr Nambudripad was still holding the carrot and when she came round she discovered that she no longer had intolerance to carrots.

From this experience she came to realise that if one maintained contact with an allergen whilst certain pressure points and meridians in the body were worked on, an intolerance could be overcome. In time she had the insight that intolerance to any given substance often stems from a time when the body was exposed to the allergen in conjunction with stress.

In an effort to protect itself the body sets up an alarm system in the form of an allergic response.

There is anecdotal evidence to support this theory following the 9/11 disaster in New York. When the news of the disaster broke, it was morning in America. Most people were eating wheat based breakfast cereals. Afterwards it was reported that the incidence of wheat allergy in America had doubled.

Dr Nambudripad conducted research over a period of 15 years which eventually resulted in the method for diagnosing and treating allergies of all types known as NAET. Her breakthrough moment occurred when she attended a course on electromagnetic fields and acupuncture. She realised that everything has an electromagnetic field and sometimes these fields are repellent to each other. If the body is repellent to a specific thing such as an item of food or something in the environment, an allergic response can result. She observed that acupuncture could be used to reverse the adverse charge of the allergen to match the body.

Using this knowledge she then developed a method to address allergies using acupressure and acupuncture points on the body in conjunction with exposure to the allergen. Unlike acupuncture there are no needles involved. Instead the relevant gate points of the meridians are stimulated with a battery operated device whilst the client is still in contact with the allergen. Babies and children too young to be treated on their own can be treated using a surrogate.

In October 2011 a study was published which demonstrated the efficacy of NAET as a treatment for autism. The study involving 60 autistic children was published in “Integrative Medicine – A Clinician’s Journal (Vol.10 No.5)

What to expect During a Treatment

First of all 18 basic vials are tested (using kinesiology) and if necessary treated in a certain order of priority. These mainly consist of nutrients, essential for the healthy functioning of the body. The treatment involves the use of acupressure along the spine followed by stimulation to certain meridian gate points on the body. After this other food or environmental allergies can be treated. There is a period of at least 25 hours after a treatment in which you would be required to avoid contact with the allergen as this is the length of time it takes for all the meridians in the body to go through their complete cycle. (Kinesiology is a muscle testing technique which indicates an allergy by testing the arm. In the presence of an allergen the muscle will be weak and when the allergy is not present the muscle is strong)

There is further information on the web site: www.naet.com. Also on www.naettraininginstitute.com there is video footage of how a treatment is carried out (under the heading “desktop”).

Following a course of NAET treatments many sufferers of chronic illness have found that their symptoms completely disappear. Dr Nambudripad has written several books on the subject. In her book entitled “Say Goodbye to Illness” (2002) she quotes many examples of such case histories. She has also demonstrated the successful treatment of autism and A.D.H.D. in children in her books “Say Goodbye to Autism”(1999) and “Say Goodbye to A.D.H.D.” (1999).

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Say Good-Bye To Illness NAET

NAET – Testimonials

“NAET is the most promising methodology I have found for treating allergies, sometimes giving sufferers complete relief from very troublesome problems such as hay fever, skin rashes, digestive problems and fatigue.”

Dr Rosy Daniel, Integrative Medicine Consultant

“I first came across NAET when it was suggested to me for my 5 year old son by an alternative practitioner. What I particularly liked was the fact that clinical trials have been carried out that advocated its use. Both my son and I had a number of treatments with Melissa and we found her very caring and capable. She was very patient and able to perform NAET successfully, thereby allowing my son to eat foods he had shown intolerances to previously. He is no longer on a special diet and I am thrilled with the results.”

Jamie Upton, Bristol

“A year ago my life was extremely restricted due to my extensive range of food intolerances. I no longer regarded eating as a pleasure. It felt like a constant battle where I continually had to explain myself and make excuses. I couldn’t eat out and I couldn’t accept dinner invitations from friends. It was virtually impossible to buy anything ready made whether in the supermarket or even in a health food shop.

I am a vegetarian and had intolerances to dairy, onions, and nightshades (potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, chillies and aubergines) Sunflower oil also affected me particularly badly. Eating any of these things caused painful inflammation in all my joints’ soft tissue, and made me feel as though I was wading through thick treacle, constantly exhausted.

When I met Melissa and discovered what she did I immediately booked my first treatment. It was a total success and we went on to clear all my intolerances over the following weeks. I found the treatments to be gentle and non intrusive, involving pressing on meridians and energy points, in conjunction with the use of breath. I remained clothed and lay on a massage table.

Although I now eat these foods in moderation, my life has been transformed….it seems like a miracle. I can now eat out, eat with friends, in a pub and in a motorway service station! I can eat pizza and chips!

I am so grateful to Melissa for this unusual and truly effective therapy. I would thoroughly recommend anyone to try it if they are troubled by food intolerance in their life.

Tass Bell, Frome

I was Introduced to Melissa through a family member who had previously been treated by her successfully. I was a little unsure at first how a NAET treatment could help me, but I decided to give it a go. Melissa listened very keenly as I spoke about my issues with anxiety and unburdened myself. She explained that it wasn’t my fault, which I appreciated. At the time, I was completely unable to go out unless accompanied and even then not for long. I was also experiencing frequent frightening and debilitating panic attacks.

The first thing that Melissa sensed about me was that my male and female energies were out of balance. Deep down I knew she was right and as she placed her hands on me to rebalance, I had this sensation of well being and peace. Then I had the rest of the treatment. It is hard to explain or express what went on that day, I think Melissa is better qualified to talk anyone through that than me. I just wanted to say that I felt something shifted inside myself and though the changes didn’t come overnight, I am now a lot better. Nowadays, I go out alone more, I rarely have panic attacks and hardly take any prescription medicine for anxiety. And it’s all been since I saw Melissa, I can’t thank her enough for her time and patience.

Jennifer Reynolds Turner, Frome

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