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Melissa Long Testimonials

Designer Process

“From the very first contact, I found Melissa to be warm, helpful and empathic. I instinctively trusted her and felt that she would be a wonderful facilitator of the Journey. I was hoping to find some answers to a specific issue but had no idea that I would experience what I can only describe as an extraordinary spiritual awakening. It went beyond personal exploration – I felt I was no longer present in ordinary reality. Throughout this, Melissa held a safe and understanding space, guiding me through the process with absolute clarity and wisdom. I can say it actually changed my life!”
Emma Donovan – Somerset

Designer Process

“Last Summer in Birmingham I went to the Journey Intensive with Brandon Bays. I had never been to one before. I had a process with Melissa Long that for me was life changing in that I had been carrying around a huge amount of fear and helplessness regarding an event that happened when I was around 9 years old. I was witness to child abuse of one of my siblings. I was helpless. The Journey process I undertook with Melissa unlocked all those suppressed cell memories. I was able to express and empty out all my fears and then go on to understanding that this was in fact not my business and I could let go of feeling responsible for not having been able to help. There was a huge relief of healing and understanding for all involved around the camp fire of unconditional love which in turn went forward to forgiveness.

My process with Melissa has been “weight lifting” off my soul and being, and I thank her for her gentle guidance, full of compassion and understanding while undertaking with me my journey.”

Teresa Yonge – Essex

Journey Massage

“I had a hugely insightful – and I’d say long-term effective – Journey Massage from Melissa. Her ability to get straight through to the precise issue holding things back is uncanny, and quite unusual. The Brandon Bays Journey work is known to be powerful, but I’d say it depends equally on the practitioner. Melissa found locked up in cellular memory several layers of deep programming, the most significant of which went back to babyhood. Once released, this didn’t just leave me feeling better (and lighter), but actually translated into immediate action. I found myself turning to projects that had been put on hold for months, and getting them moving, already within a week. Dragging the baggage with me that she released through the treatments, it is unlikely that I would be as effective as I am now.”

Simon Fox – Somerset

Children’s Process

“My son has, from birth, had a pattern of stool withholding. At 14 days old, he passed his first motion, after his first homeopathic treatment. His pattern continued at 14 days, decreasing to 4 – 5 days once he was on solid foods, and 3 days as his intake increased. Somewhere along the line, he started consciously withholding it, much to our distress. Life became very difficult, as he could actually be restraining himself for up to 3 days. We continued with homeopathy, which sped things up for a week or so, whereupon he would gradually revert.

Melissa was at this time training to do Brandon Bays Journey work, and kindly agreed to see whether my son would respond. After his first session, on 27.10.04 (age 5) despite refusing to close his eyes for the visualisations, it seemed as though a release had happened as he passed a motion each day until day 5 which was his first day at school. Although he took to school happily, it obviously took its toll, as he started to withhold again. After a second session with Melissa (10.11.04) he regularly passed a motion most days, only occasionally missing a day, and then not by intention.

I feel sure that some deep releasing must have happened during the two sessions for it to have had such a tangible effect on him.”

Claire Rounding – Suffolk

Melissa has helped me enormously. Her knowledge and ability to help is multifaceted. I always feel no matter what my health and state that I am safe with Melissa and that she will have the answer for me. This has always been the case, I am always amazed at her ability to intuit and know my needs and find the answer. She goes above and beyond to help people with their health and overall wellbeing, she goes the extra mile to do this. She is not just a healer, she is an angel on earth, she will always help to her highest ability and the combination of her determination to find the answer, her incredible knowledge and her intrinsic connection to a higher realm means she can always help. I feel blessed to have met Melissa and safe in the knowledge that I have her to turn to when I need help.

Jabeen Jafferji – Somerset

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